Frequently Asked Questions

This is Sam Fahmy here. I am the developer and the owner of this site. All the material and presentations are personally prepared by myself over the last several years. I am a board certified physician in both General Internal Medicine as well as Hospice and Palliative care medicine. I have been in practice for the last 20 years since I finished my residency training. I am a volunteer assistant clinical professor of Medicine at IU school of Medicine. I currently work as a hospitalist at one of the teaching hospitals in Indianapolis area.

The short answer is no. But, it is my plan to arrange to get CME provided.

Timing is flexible. It will be mutually determined by both of us.

My intention is to provide one on one interaction. However, if it makes it easier for you, I can provide the presentation to two or three persons at a time for a discount.

All sales are final. Please refer to our refund policy.

Yes, I will work with you to determine your need. If cannot help, I will let you know.

You do not have to buy or commit any thing till you determine that you want use my service.

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